Understanding that each campground is unique we offer the following upgrade and accessory items for your cabins. Add heaters, air conditioners, insulation, porch swings, etc.
ADA Package
ADA Package extended deck with ramp (level site)
“Adder” for KOA  Kottages—Standard and Deluxe
ADA Bathroom
“Adder” for KOA Kottages—Standard and Deluxe
Bathroom Fixtures:
Standard Kottage   1,302.00
Deluxe Kottage   2,605.00
16'x26'-6"   2,898.00
16'x34'   2,898.00
Bathroom Electric Fixtures
Standard Kottage   1,388.00
Deluxe Kottage   1,388.00
16'x26'-6"   1,846.00
16'x34'   2,327.00
Cedar Shakes and Ridgecap
One Room Kabin   420.00
Two Room Kabin / Standard Kottage   506.00
Deluxe Kottage   618.00
16'x26'-6"   794.00
16'x34'   966.00
Cedar Shake Preservative/Stain
Russet Brown #206, Gallon   51.00
Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Fan with light   229.00
Composite Porch Decking
"Adder" for upgrade
One Room Kabin   712.00
Two Room Kabin / Standard Kottage   867.00
Deluxe Kottage   867.00
16'x26'-6"   .00
16'x34' (front entry)   .00
16'x34' (side entry)   1,604.00
ADA Deck Ramp   Call
Electric Two Element Halogen and Radiant,
240 Volt (GE Model), Built-in
Cool Unit
G.E./6,000 BTU   886.00
G.E./10,000 BTU   1,139.00
G.E./15,000 BTU   1,363.00
Curtain Rods
Wood with Hangers    
  • Pre-Varnished, Front and Side (per window)
  • Pre-Varnished, Rear (per window)
Curtains, Flame Resistant Fabric (per window)   141.00
Door, Insulated Fiberglass (Fiber Classic) Exterior
With stainless steel hinges, deadbolt, lockset and stain (This is an "adder" for this door)
Model FC 60 (without window)   702.00
Model FC65 (with window)   793.00
Pre-stained at Prairie Kraft Specialties add 247.00
Electric Package
One Room Kabin 1,719.00
Two Room Kabin 2,934.00
Standard Kottage 5,614.00
Deluxe Kottage   6,604.00
16'x26'-6"   9,135.00
16'x34'   11,781.00
Electric Range
G.E. Model, 4 burner stove with oven and 20" range hood   1,022.00
Direct Vent Gas Fireplace (natural gas or propane) 2,040.00
Fire Extinguisher
#3A4, B-C Rated   69.00
Cabinet (lockable, red or white plastic)   61.00
Fire Grill
With Rebar for concrete   120.00
With Pre-cast concrete pad 190.00
Flower Planters, pressure treated
3' long, 14" high 356.00
3' long, 18" high   458.00
6' long, 18" high   550.00
Foundation Package (level site)
One Room Kabin   1,451.00
Two Room Kabin / Standard Kottage   2,135.00
Deluxe Kottage   2,636.00
16'x26'-6"   3,656.00
16'x34' (Front porch only. Calll for price on side entry and extended decks)   4,509.00
Foundation Insulation Package (level site) We will customize for un-level sites
Includes an extra circuit for heat tape    
One Room Kabin   244.00
Two Room Kabin / Standard Kottage   366.00
Deluxe Kottage   450.00
16'x26'-6"   557.00
16'x34'   712.00
Heat and Air Conditioning Unit
G.E. Zoneline premier unit with heat pump, air conditioning and electric resistance heating; 12,000 BTU/hr   1,874.00
Heaters, electric
Standard fan/forced air heater, 1500 watt   227.00
Decade forced air heater, 1500 watt   408.00
Insulation Package (floor and ceiling)
Floor (3/4"), Roof (3/4")    
One Room Kabin   626.00
Two Room Kabin / Standard Kottage   865.00
Floor (1-1/2") R-14, Roof (2-1/4") R-14    
One Room Kabin   1,494.00
Two Room Kabin / Standard Kottage   1,901.00
Deluxe Kottage   2,517.00
16'x26-6"   4,202.00
Floor (1-1/2") R-14, Roof (4-1/4") R-37    
Deluxe Kottage   .00
16'x26-6"   4,946.00
16'x24''   .00
Interior Walls
14'x16'-7" - 4"x6" T&G "D" Log wall with KOA style wood door   2,242.00

This description applies to the following sizes:
1x6 T&G wood paneled (both sizes) 2x4 and 2x6 stud walls for bathroom, bedroom, and 2x2 shower walls. Includes KOA style wood doors (two or three depending on cabin size) and one wall table (bedroom), floor and ceiling (loft) wood trim, nails and screws, etc.

14'x22' w/loft   2,301.00
14'x22'   2,708.00
16'x26'-6"   2,766.00
16'x34'   5,334.00
Kitchen Appliances
Spacesaver II Microwave (GE Model), Full-size refrigerator (GE Model), and Coffee maker   2,718.00
Kitchen Electric Fixtures
This includes cabinets, countertops, sink (double), stove ("built-in" cook top - two burner, GE) OR range with oven:    
14'x22'   394.00
16'x26'-6"   457.00
16'x34'   457.00
Kitchen Fixtures
This includes cabinet countertop light, stove ventilating vent pipes:    
14'x22'   4,211.00
16'x26'-6"   6,148.00
16'x34'   6,806.00
Hot and Cold water, and sewer    
Standard Kottage   1,006.00
Deluxe Kottage   1,433.00
16'x26'-6"   2,249.00
16'x34'   2,249.00
Porch Swing
with Hardware—chain, steel “T” (Powder Coated Black) bearings, and RSS Lag Screws, etc. 507.00
Screen door
Wood with hardware   405.00
Pre-finished with Floor Varnish
Roofing Alternatives
Asphalt/Composite, non-insulated roof, adder   99.00
Asphalt/Composite, insulated roof, adder (1RM & 2RM)   312.00
Metal   Call
Spiral Staircase
Spiral Staicase   2,706.00
Washer/Dryer, Space Saver
GE Electric stackable washer and dryer, including wiring, receptacle, breakers, increased panel box, etc. This upgrade is available in the Deluxe Kottage only   2,617.00

Freight rates will be quoted separately at time of order confirmation. Depending on size of order, your cabin kits will either be shipped in a covered trailer or on a flat bed.

* Items are priced as upgrades to cabin kits and not intended for individual sale. To purchase individual items please call for pricing. All prices subject to change.