The unique structures of the Tent Villages provide your tenters with a protected, private area with water and electricity. Each Tent Village provides six private camping sites. Campgrounds utilizing Tent Villages report higher than average stay-over rates because campers like features such as lock-up storage, enabling them to leave for day trips without having to pack up.
Kit includes sprinkler system and water risers.

Tent Villages require minimum maintenance and provide years of service.

Log Shelter, 36' Diameter
Included Water Risers and Sprinkler System $38,568.00
Perimeter Fencing

Round-pole fence, pressure treated

  • Three-rail fence
  • Two-rail fence


Paver Package
Price may vary per location 5,275.00
Log Flower Planter
2'x8' (6 per log shelter) 744.00
Fire Grill
20"x24" (6 per log shelter)  
  • With hooks to embed in concrete
  • With pre-cast concrete pad

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