What is included? - Definitions

Roof Beams
Tongue and groove Douglas Fir roof decking  
Western red cedar shakes
Cedar ridge cap  
Felt paper  
Nail and hardware package  


Log Walls
Tongue and groove lodge pole pine "D" logs
Individually cut and numbered wall logs  
Kiln-dried to prevent warpage  
Predrilled for electric  
Exterior stain  
Hardware package  
Log Gables  
Stain kit for door  
Lock sets  


Vinyl insulated Slider  
Sizes vary depending on model  
Window trim  
Radius Douglas Fir decking  
Large peeled, select, upright posts  
Peeled rails, lodge pole pine  
Stain for porch floors  
Hardware package  
Window and door trim  
Finish nails  
Interior stain  
Pressure treated skids  
Tongue and groove Douglas fir decking  
Hardware package  
Floor varnish  
What is included? - Definitions
Prairie Kraft Specialties uses 35-year Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk, to seal between the logs, in lieu of chinking. This caulk flexes with the cabin to create a seal that last for years  
Cedar Shake
Cedar Shake is used for many of our cabin roofs because of its durability. 5/8" butts make for a very strong roof system. Nothing says log cabin like a cedar shake roof.
Corner Construction
Prairie Kraft Specialties uses lodge pole pine "D" profile logs, 3½" x 5½" actual size. Our corners overlap with #14 x 8" log screws "cross tied" into the perpendicular log at each log course, making a very strong connection. We then caulk with Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk to make an airtight cabin that will bring you comfort for years to come.  
Kiln Dried
Kiln dried wood is more superior to building with "green" or "air dried" timbers. Kiln drying is a procedure to remove a high percentage of moisture from the timbers. This process reduces the warping and splitting (checking) after it is installed.  
Pre-hung vinyl windows
Prairie Kraft Specialties uses double pane slider windows with low E. Tempered glass is used when required by codes. All vinyl windows are pre-hung with the outside trim stained and installed on the window. The interior trim is pre-assembled and ready for installation  
Pressure Treating
Pressure treating lumber is wood that has been treated with a preservative to protect it from being destroyed by insects, fungus or exposure to moisture. The protection provided by the chemical depends on the amount of chemical that the wood absorbs. Prairie Kraft Specialties uses CCA (chromated copper arsenate) of 0.060 pounds per cubic foot (the amount of chemical is measured in pounds of chemical per cubic foot of wood) in all our pressure treated lumber.  
Radiused decking (2x6)
Our cabin porch decking is planed out of Douglas Fir, the top, or face is radiused. When installed with a ¼" gap between the boards, water will run off and not pool. This leads to a longer lasting porch.  
Tongue and groove decking (2x6)
Our cabins use tongue and groove decking in our floor and roofing system. The tongue fits in the groove for a strong connection. Both our floor and roof decking are made out of Douglas Fir, because it is dimensionally stable, superior strength-to-weight ration and finishing quality. Our roof decking has a beveled cut running the length of the lumber. When two pieces of roof decking are assembled there is a "V" groove between them, making for a very nice interior finish in the roof.  
Composite Decking
Gambrel Roof Style
Gable Roof Style
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